Having in mind how small this industry is compared to the rest of the consumer world, raw good tobacco is pretty limited. It’s all about relationships and respect for each other. In certain circumstances, money doesn’t have as much power like other industries.

Think for a second, someone successful with lots of passion and knowledge in the field would like their product to go on someones hand with the same characteristics. The grower loves to feel proud to be part of a successful brand and just not just the profits. 

We have relations to premiums tobaccos not available to general manufacturers:


Jalapa: really sweet for balance

Condega: sweet strength  

Pueblo Nuevo: strong smooth rich aroma and sweetness 

Estelí: really strong and papery 

Ometepe: noble smooth rich aroma and sweetness 

United States:

Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Connecticut shade Wrapper 


Habano 2000 wrapper and binder 



San Andrés wrapper and binder 

Dominican Republic:

Olor viso 

Criollo 98 viso 

Caribbean tobaccos fillers  

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