Well-trained and experienced packaging personnel will cellophane seal, and box-pack cigars. Similar to jewels, we package all of our cigar band’s in the box at the right height for an even and consistent display. Next, a barcode is placed  on the end of the cellophane “lip”. This is designed to break at the right position after opening the cellophane so the retail store Tabaconist can still scan the barcode. When cigars are ready, the cigars  will be packaged on the cardboard boxes of 50 bundles or 40 boxes. When the entire shipment is complete and singed off by the department Supervisor Ervin with 19 years of experience, cigars will be frozen for 72 hours in below zero temperatures to ensure no beetles eggs hatch in the process of transportation. 

With vast experience in the industry… cigars will arrive in mint condition to the desired destination.  

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