With this in mind, quality over quantity is the focus. There are  many quality check points!

We have gone over: fillers, weights, and wrapper countings. In the galeras there is supervising of each pair of artisan, checking Buncheros and Rolleras, soft spot in cigars, some cigars become seconds, and broken wrappers will be separated to rewrap again.

Bunches before wrapping are passed by the Drawmaster machine to insure every Bunch passes with a perfect 40 pounds  of air pressure or (psi), for a consistent and even draw. Anything lower than 35 (psi) or higher than 50 (psi) will go to short filler waste. After, we will press bunches for another 15 minutes and wrap.  

In the galeras, there is a quality control table to recheck the supervisor’s work. 

In the packaging department, there is an additional quality control table to sort colors and  look imperfections. Lastly, packaging personnel will spot any irregularities overseen by the four check points in the galeras. 

*Packaging department Supervisor: Ervin with 19 years of experience.

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